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Title:   Hollowgate
Director:   Ray Di Zazzo
Year:   1988
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.02.12

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06.02.12Home VHS I picked this VHS up in Canada last week. The name seemed familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place it. Then, about 20 minutes into the movie, I realized why it seemed familiar: I’d seen portions of it as part of the Horror Remix: Halloween show. The stuff that EJ cut out for that show really wasn’t worth revisiting, as there is a lot of fluff in the film. But there’s 40 minutes or so of really fun performances, most notably the super-enthusiastic main killer (he hates Halloween because when he was a kid, his drunk father almost drowned him in a applebobbing tub because he (the kid) was shaming his father by not being able to bob as well as a girl at the Halloween party) and a flamboyant costume shop owner. The 40-year-old 20-something who says “ah yes, the proverbial ‘suds’” when talking about beer is amazing too.

Writer/director Ray Di Zazzo made this movie and nothing else, and it has a real Dude Recruits His Friends And Exhausts All His Resources To Make One Entertaining Film And Then Retires vibe to it. It’s never been released on R1 DVD, but if Di Zazzo is still alive, I would be very interested in hearing him do a commentary for a small genre label. It's the kind of minor gem that I love discovering on VHS.
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