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Title:   Man On A Ledge
Director:   Asger Leth
Year:   2012
Genre:   Heist
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.02.12

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06.02.12Redbox Easily one of the dumbest heist plans Iíve EVER seen in a heist flick. Movies like this turn on the heist plan being at least semi-believable, and this one wasnít in the least. Spoilers, I guess, but the plan was that two people with no training would break into an incredibly secure vault that they believed stored a $40M diamond and dozens of other expensive gems. They had no way of knowing that the ultrarich guy who owned the diamond would keep it in that particular safe, by the way. They get in with almost no trouble (thereís a heat sensor they didnít expect that the man on the ledge IDs just by hearing them describe it, and they disable it by spraying it with a fire extinguisher, causing it to ice up and someone stop working (so fucking stupid)) but the diamond isnít there. So their ďbackupĒ plan is to let the ultrarich guy come into the vault, open the secret vault that they didnít know was there but that they I guess somehow expected to be there, AND THEN hope that the guy would pocket the diamond (which makes no sense that he would do that), AND THEN hope that the guy would come back to his private office by himself (that they were somehow able to break into, again without any trouble) without having put the diamond somewhere else, AND THEN hope that they could take it off him without him calling his guards and assistants that were with him literally every other scene in the movie.

Just thinking back to how aggressively stupid the plan and its execution was is making me grumpy. I think I may have enjoyed the film up to the point where it revealed its ineptitude, but I canít fully remember now. The heist is so terrible that it overshadows everything that came before it. Oh, and the entire thing is pointless, because literally all the ultrarich guy would have to say at the end when they find the diamond in his pocket to absolve himself and undo the entire movie is ďYeah, go check out my vault. Itís all torn up and shit. These two broke into it with the goal of replacing the diamond their friend stole a few years back to make him look innocent. We caught them, and I got my diamond back.Ē

Ugh. Fuck this movie.
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