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Title:   Piranha 3DD
Director:   John Gulager
Year:   2012
Genre:   Nature Strikes Back
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.02.12

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06.02.12AMC 30 - Garland I really enjoyed the first PIRANHA 3D and was looking forward to catching a midnight of the sequel on Thursday night (hopefully without the post-film Catch A Dude Masturbating Into A Urinal moment that followed my viewing of the original). But we found out late last week that only one theater within a reasonable driving distance was getting the film, and it wasnít midnighting the movie. Iíve also heard this week that itís only getting a very limited one-week run, which is really confusing to me. Although the general consensus of the film Iíve seen online is that it isnít very good, I enjoyed large portions of it, and even with minimal marketing, it seems like they would have attracted a reasonable-sized crowd (as opposed to the six other people in the theater on opening weekend afternoon that I saw it with).

The main problem with the film is that the lead actress is blandly uninteresting in the way that so many made-for-TV genre lead actor/actresses are (think SyFy your typical lead). Thatís unfortunate (I wish they had used TUCKER & DALEís Katrina Bowden as the lead rather than as one of the leadís friends), but the film is saved by the solid supporting cast and cameo appearances. Thereís a moment midway through the film where it looks like they were going to shift to a bizarro-hyper-reality tone ala CRANK, but unfortunately it never really goes over that edge. Instead, it plays things more or less pretty much how youíd expect for a movie where ancient piranhas take over a waterpark.

Itís nothing overly special, but Bowdenís ridiculous sex scene, Koechnerís gleeful bad-guy mugging, and the ridiculous CGI-blood-filled ending were enough to make me feel like I didnít waste my time and money checking the film out.
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