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Title:   Horror Remix: Shopping
Director:   Horror Remix
Year:   2010
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   05.30.12

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.30.12Studio Movie Grill Saw this one who knows how long ago, and it remains one of the strongest Horror Remix line-ups Iíve ever seen. The Initiation, Hide and Go Shriek, and Chopping Mall are all films that I truly enjoy on their own, and seeing them distilled to their essential form is endlessly entertaining. Plus the interludes with Cheesecake and Thunderclap are hilarious as always. Fun night.
08.25.10Studio Movie Grill This month's Horror Remix was shopping-themed. If you've never been, the HR folks take 3 80s horror flicks, edit out the boring bits, and then present 2 hours of non-stop violence. This week we watched INITIATION (1984), HIDE AND GO SHRIEK (1988) & CHOPPING MALL (1986).

Over the last few months, Horror Remix shows have been uniformly amazing. I remember that early on, there were a few shows that didn't really click for me. Recently, however, things have been absolutely gold. If you're in any of the city in which Horror Remix screens, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. It's a blisteringly good time.

I didn't take notes from this screening, so I don't have much specific to say. I will note, however, that the show usually ends with "leftover meat," which is a sequence of clips that didn't make it into the main show. This month, however, there was just a shot of a bunch of birds and a beach. We kept expecting the Leftover Meat to start, and it never did. Eventually the nature shot just went to black. We laughed quite a bit at that non-ending ending. I'm not sure if they did that as an in-joke to the regulars, but we really enjoyed it.
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