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Title:   Memorial Valley Massacre
Director:   Robert C. Hughes
Year:   1988
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   06.10.14

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.10.14Alamo RichardsonThis Screening is part of event: Video Vortex
:: Tonight at Video Vortex, @zombiefreak and I turned on the minds of an audience to MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE.
05.30.12Home VHSThis Screening is part of event: Horror Movie Night
Iíve seen this a few times in edited Horror Remix form, and then once late last year after I picked it up on VHS. Itís still a mess overall, and I donít really care about the Park Rangerís family drama, but enjoy how the film is packed to the gills with super entertaining supporting characters. The introduction of the fat spoiled manchild kills me every time I see it, and I love thinking about what a full Road Trip film with General & Pepper Mintz would be like. William Smith is the best.

Interestingly, I noticed during the final credits that the film was referred to as Memorial Day (or maybe Memorial Valley... I can't remember. Definitely not Memorial Valley Massacre though), which makes me think that the title Memorial Valley Massacre was just for home video release, which explains the cheesy out-of-place 90s-style logo at the beginning of the film that makes me laugh every time I see it.
10.09.11Home VHS This flick makes no sense if itís viewed as a horror film. Itís mostly a bunch of ridiculously entertaining stereotypes (bikers, urban kids, horny white teens, Stoic Ranger, upstart protagonist, fat youngster and his rich parents, ĎNam vet, etc) hanging out in a campground for our enjoyment. During the last 30 minutes the filmís villain (a super-hoppy caveman throwback) fully reveals himself. Thereís plenty of hints that the caveman has some relation to the Stoic Ranger, but Iíll leave that for your own viewing. But regardless of how that storyline plays out, thereís very little horror in this flick. Survival Action, sure. But horror? No. But thatís fine, because I dug watching Stoic Ranger and his less capable brethren try to outsmart the semi-retarded caveman.
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