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Date Movie
03.09.14 Late Phases
03.09.14The Mule
03.09.14 Faults
03.09.14 Joe
03.09.14 Boyhood
03.08.14The Guest
03.08.14 Creep
03.08.14 Space Station 76
03.08.14 Ukraine Is Not A Brothel
03.08.14The Immortalists
Views Movie
10 Shaun of the Dead
7 Bad Santa
7The Magic Christmas Tree
6 Christmas Vacation
5The Princess Bride
4The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
4 Trailer Park Boys
4 Polk County Pot Plane
4 Fight for Your Life
4The Big Lebowski
Movies Views Director
3032Brian Trenchard-Smith
1925Horror Remix
1616Alfred Hitchcock
1114Martin Scorsese
1113John Carpenter
1112Don Siegel
1111Sidney Lumet
1010Umberto Lenzi
910Tim Burton

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